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How we work

Building the foundation 


  • What makes a company great?

  • Why do some companies consistently outperform their peers, achieving profitable growth year after year?


  • How do great companies get their customers to love them and become ambassadors for their brand?

  • What do great companies have in common?

  • How do these companies consistently attract talented employees who dedicate themselves to the company’s success? 


  • How do they stay profitable and on course during turbulent market conditions? 

Answers to these questions have been thoroughly researched and documented in books such as Jim Collins’ masterpiece Good to Great as well as studies of companies like Apple and Southwest Airlines. In short, great companies focus on different things compared to their average competitors. For example: 

  • Great companies emphasize service over products. 

  • They seek to build lasting relationships with employees and customers, rather than thinking transactionally. 

  • They value their brand more than individual sales. 

  • They look internally, always seeking to strengthen their foundations or deepen their roots, rather than looking externally for the latest, hottest, newest, coolest…

We’ve learned the power of these fundamentals through our own direct experience, gained over more than 20 years spent building high-performance teams; launching and growing companies in the aesthetic medical industry. Combining our experience with these proven business concepts, we developed the Medical Business Operating System©. This system identifies the core components of great businesses, adapted and customized for implementation by aesthetic medical practices. The goal of the MBOS is to provide a clear picture of what business greatness looks like, guiding you in the creation of a strong business foundation for your practice. 

Medical Business Operating System.jpg

details of the six pillars

These pillars are not independent silos, but synergistic components of a strong foundation. Strengthening one pillar not only benefits the components of the pillar itself but adds value to all pillars, improving the effectiveness of the entire organization. 

Strategy icon.jpg


  • Bold, inspiring Vision 

  • Long-term Strategy

  • Short-term tactics & priorities


Exceptional Team

  • Effective leadership

  • Strong culture

  • Right people in the right seats

Ideal customer icon.jpg

Ideal Patients

  • Clearly identified

  • Unforgettable experience

  • Patients for life

Communication icon.jpg


  • Clear, effective internal communication

  • Clear effective external communication

  • Effective listening

Aligned Services icon.jpg

Aligned Services

  • HOW you do things

  • Service before products

  • Aligned with other pillars

Agility icon.jpg


  • Measure the right things

  • Do more of what works

  • Challenge yourself


Using the MBOS as a framework, we’ll begin constructing a strong foundation for your practice.  Over 3-4 months, our Business Transformation Program will develop and strengthen the core pillars of your business. Upon completion of this program, you’ll lead more effectively, have a stronger team, implement repeatable business processes, identify top priorities for execution and have a clear plan for growth.  

1. Awareness

The first step in our process is to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the current state of your practice. We’ll conduct thorough interviews with you and your staff. We’ll perform a detailed review of your goals, business plan, financial data, business processes, and promotional activities.  This process will provide you with a detailed understanding of your current strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth.

3. Priorities

We'll put first things first, driving execution by identifying those actions which will be most impactful to the growth of your practice, then focusing the people, energy, and resources to accomplish these goals. We'll develop processes for you and your team to follow in the future creating an effective, efficient organization. 

2. People

Building your high-performance team starts by confirming you have the “the right people in the right seats”. We’ll provide training and tools to you and your team,  helping you lead and communicate more effectively, improve performance, motivate and retain your best people, and attract top talent.    

4. Planning

Based on your goals, we'll create a clear, simple plan for business growth. This plan will effectively balance the short and long-term needs of your practice. 


Business greatness requires an ongoing process of review and improvement. However, it is not our expectation that you will need (or want) to work with us forever.


Our goal is to “teach you to fish”, providing you with the tools, training, support, and processes to achieve lasting business success. Following our initial engagement, you may choose one of these options...

Help with execution

We'll continue to work with you and your team to achieve your goals.

Leadership coaching

Continue to increase your leadership effectiveness with our coaching and training programs.

Quarterly review

Engage us to meet with your team and review your progress on a quarterly basis. 

Continue on your own

 We'll be here if you need us.

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